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This post, dedicated to details, is easily my favorite thus far. For me, it truly encompasses my style. As we know, I like my clothing neutral, classic and versatile- and these pieces are just that.

This outfit, featuring southwest details, really shows how easily you can diversify regular pieces- like the white button-up and denim jeans, and turn both into on-trend, stylish ensembles. I can remember from the time I was a little girl having button-ups in my closet. One of my favorite brands growing up was Polo Ralph Lauren. You can shop those here. Oh the many colors my mother bought me! I actually still have a few in my closet for days when I don’t want to think about my outfit. These blouses are extremely great to have because they are so versatile. They literally can go with anything!

For example, if you pair a button-up with some pearls, black slacks, flats or a neutral pair of heels, you have a business casual outfit. If you want a casual outfit, you can pair the top with distressed denim and a pair of sneakers or sandals. For a more casual outfit, remember not to button the buttons up all the way- doing that shows a more uptight look than what casual is usually expected to be.

I love this particular white button-up because it is a boyfriend fit and is slightly off-the-shoulder. I purchased it recently at Muse by Lucca in Penn Square and I have already worn it a handful of times. By being off-the-shoulder it adds a little sexiness to the piece. Since it’s rather baggy, I thought it added a little needed shape by tucking half of it into the front of my jeans. 

The jeans- we all have a distressed pair we love. These, from H&M are my new favorite, as mentioned in my Blues post. If you are interested in reading about them go check that out that post!

Aside from the maybe boring and somewhat classic pieces this outfit has, it really is all in the details. The leopard belt, the hunter green silk bandana and the southwestern inspired ankle booties all make this outfit work well together and in a stylish way. They provide an interesting diversity to a somewhat usual outfit. Madewell made the scarf and you can purchase that here, and I urge you to do so. I even talked my mom into getting her one! You can wear it around the neck, on your wrist, on your purse, belt loop, keychain- the possibilities are endless. On days when I’m in an athletic or highly casual mood, I like to tie it on my purse handle. There, it adds a chic aesthetic.


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