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This outfit is perfect for anyone of any age. The simplicity of the colors paired with denim and classic heels gives a stylish, yet timeless look.

When dressing in this manner, always stay true to neutral colors. I love black and white together, but brown tones paired together look chic as well. This white, long, silk top I purchased from Forever 21 a while back and ADORE it. The fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and looks great with denim or dress pants. Remember when purchasing a top, a longer length elongates the torso and legs to give a slimmer look.

In addition to Forever 21 carrying white basic blouses, you can find this must have piece at almost any store. This spring I purchased a heavier duty white button-up blouse from Madewell, which is shorter than the Forever 21 one, but still offers a classic vibe.

The white blouses I rotate almost all have buttons on them. If you’re like me, you like the versatility a button-up provides along with the classic taste of it.

For this particular outfit, I chose to pair my recently purchased American Eagle distressed high-rise jeans. Typically I stray from holes in my jeans, but I couldn’t resist this pair. Even though they are completely rugged, they look so on trend and chic with a dressier top. Plus, they are affordable ($39.99) and easily adapt to any season.

For your denim jean needs I would suggest shopping at Dillard’s, Nordstrom’s, Madewell, Gap, and American Eagle. I’ve had the best luck from those.

Let’s talk about the heels. These black strappy heels are from Payless Shoe Source and are amazing because they are timeless. Retailing for only $24.99, these heels are a staple. You can find them here.

If you don’t want to wear heels, I’ve seen my mother (and many other ladies) pair converse with these neutral tops and they look so cute! In doing that, make sure your chucks are nice and clean.

The bracelet you see pictured is an all time favorite of mine. I actually purchased it for my mom in 2011, but I stole it from her because I loved it too much! We share now. It is the most durable, heavy duty, and chic bracelet I have. I LOVE IT. Plus, it literally looks good with everything.


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