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This outfit, available for purchase at Karma Fashion Co., is perfect for casual outings! It reverts back to the old t-shirt with jeans and tennis shoes look, but with an updated turn.

Lets start with the t-shirt. First, I adore the color. We all know that. Second, it is the softest cotton you could imagine. It flows along curves nicely and doesn’t stick, like many cotton shirts do. I also like that it is similar to a baseball tee with the sleeves and white lines. This detail sets the shirt apart from the normal t-shirt.

The jeans, filled with holes and rips, are a great item to have. The denim is soft and lightweight and they stay on your waistline without moving. Can we say hallelujah?! With this shirt, these jeans take it up a notch and give it a cool girl vibe, which I like.

These jeans would also look great paired with ankle boots or pointed-toe heels. As grungy and distressed as these jeans are, if you paired a dressy, somewhat elegant top it would make a modern and stylish outfit. I like to pair things together that normally would not go together, so these jeans are great for that.

To finish the look, I added my white converse which I’ve literally had since high school. They are dingy and in places not even white anymore, but I love the antiqueness of them and how well they fit my feet. I wear these shoes all too much, but they are a staple item you must have if you don’t already.

For jewelry, I kept it simple with my Daniel Wellington leather watch. I can’t go anywhere without it.


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