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Although this outfit is highly outside of my comfort zone, I clung to this outfit like glitter sticks to glue. I didn’t think I would love it, but oh my gosh I do. Even Clay, my husband, asked me when I was going to wear it out with him.

First off, this outfit has two key pieces- the dress and the boots. That’s it. Pretty simple style if you ask me. Together, these pieces make the perfect boho chic outfit.

This dress works so well with these knee-high boots because of the structure and make of it. The bell sleeves, drastic colored print and shortness of length make it a high-quality statement piece. Available, along with many other dresses in this same manner, at Antique Garden in Norman, it pairs perfectly with tan (or black) velvet boots. For this dress I wouldn’t pair anything other than knee-high boots, as they look the best.

It could easily be a fashion mishap if you paired anything other than knee-highs with it because of the short length; just something to remember- especially for tall girls such as myself.

The boots are a great color and they fit my legs like they are supposed to- tight and didn’t fall down my legs as I walked. The one thing I didn’t love about these boots is the comfort level. Made by Steve Madden, they did hurt my feet after walking on concrete for a while. I thought as I was walking how cute this outfit would be on a date night, but that a lower heeled boot might be better fitted for me.

For jewelry, it is important to stick to the minimum because the dress is so dramatically colored. I would suggest simple earrings like studs and in a like manner simple rings.






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