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Wichita Falls-0099 Wichita Falls-0113Wichita Falls-0100I can’t even begin to explain my L O V E for these shoes. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s style on the popular New York based series Sex & the City, these are a must have. I first noticed these Manolo Blahnik’s in the Sex & the City movie where she marries her on again off again love interest, Big. He slipped these on her feet as they toured their brand new (huge) condo together.

These blue satin beauties made their way into my closet in the year of 2015, as I was preparing for our wedding- they were my something blue. Yes, these are my wedding shoes, and no I’m not ashamed to wear them time and time again! They cost too much to sit in the closet! I try to keep them in pristine condition by keeping them wrapped up at all times and in the box which they came. I would just die if anything happened to them. Honestly I’m surprised they sustained our wedding night! God obviously knows my love for them.

These are so glamorous and elegant which is great; however, it often makes styling an outfit difficult. My favorite way to wear these heels is with my black gaucho pant jumpsuit from Banana Republic. I’ve worn that outfit a dozen times- and it continues to be a top rated one in my mind. Here though, I wanted to have a mixture of clothing items. I wanted a little casual, mixed with high-end. To achieve that, I paired my black feather blazer from Dillards and my dark, distressed Gap denim jeans with no hem. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with no hem jeans? Holy heart eyes.

If you want a sexier look, I suggest when wearing a blazer like this to not have a top underneath, and to button the jacket. It will look so chic and in-the-moment. Plus, this trend has been huge on the runways. If that trend is too over-the-top for you, pair your blazer (with a neutral or even sparkle top underneath) with denim jeans or pressed casual pants- the ultimate business suit. This type of jacket is timeless, and paired with the shoes similar to these it can be an overwhelmingly  elegant and stylish outfit.


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