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This “Grey” t-shirt is my current favorite. It came from Forever 21 a few weeks ago and I love how basic, neutral colored it is and the name on the front. Now, you might notice this spelling is different from the spelling on my blog name. Well, there is an explanation for that- I know you’re just dying to hear!

My spelling, g-r-a-y, for The Gray Report is how we in America spell gray, and when we say it we are usually talking about the color between black and white. Now for the opposite spelling (g-r-e-y), that is mostly used in European countries and for individuals last names. Ring any bells? Christian Grey?? Glad we cleared up the confusion.

On to the outfit! This look is super casual with a modern, grunge vibe with the high-top Nike sneakers that I wear probably too much. The t-shirt is pretty long on me, so I tucked the front half in to my Gap denim frayed jeans.

Besides the color, frayed hem and style of these jeans, I love how comfortable and stretchy they are! This pair is perfect if you plan on eating a large meal and need a little extra room- aka everyday of my life for me.

Overall, this look is super simple and easy to achieve and can be done with any t-shirt. I would wear this outfit to a ballgame, casual movie night or a night in with friends. I hope you enjoy!


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