Curling a Lob with a Straightener

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Sometimes in my beauty routine I like to change things up a bit. That might include changing the products or tools I use. In this blog post, I’m talking about a different way I’ve switched up my hair routine that is fast, easy, and effective!

Previously, I was a big advocate for large curling irons when I wanted to achieve beachy, effortless waves. That has since changed as I have now been utilizing The Curve straightener to achieve curls. This hair tool, available for purchase at Tangles Salon for $95, is perfect to use when wanting to curl hair with a straightener.

As you see in the video, I use the tool to twist my hair in a curling motion and leave out a few inches of hair at the bottom to create an effortless look. These curls stay all day and don’t fall as bad as if curled with a curling iron. I’m telling you, this might look difficult but it is easy and so fast! I actually prefer using a straightener now to my curling iron. I think the curls make my hair appear fuller, more volumized, and tighter.

After I have used The Curve to curl my hair, I always top off the look with a light-hold hairspray. The hairspray I’ve been using is the KMS workable, durable, light-hold finish. If you haven’t tried this spray you need to! If you are like me and prefer hairspray to be airy, light, and non-sticky then this is the product for you. It does its job and doesn’t weigh hair down.

When curling, I also make sure to always use a heat styling product to protect my hair from damage. My personal favorite is the Oribe Heat Styling Shield, which retails for $45, also at Tangles.

If you are interested in looking at or purchasing The Curve, any KMS, or Oribe products, I recommend shopping local at Tangles Salon in Wichita Falls, TX. They always have products in stock and can address any hair need.

For those interested, Robin Cook from Tangles is my personal hair stylist and works wonders. She has been doing my hair since high school and never disappoints. She has the expertise and education to just look at my hair and know exactly what it needs or what cut will look best. We decided together to cut my hair into the long bob and I still love it- especially for summer.

If you visit Tangles, let them know The Gray Report sent you and thank you all for visiting and watching the video!


2913 Garnett Ave. 

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

**This blog post is sponsored, but all opinions and advice are of my own.


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