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The trend of styling a “Dad Hat” is definitely one I’m sticking with for a while. The Dad Hat pictured, from Hippie Alice, happens to be one of my favorites.

The thought of me wearing a baseball cap or “Dad Hat” isn’t that new. While growing up, I remember having Ralph Lauren Polo hats I often wore. Not to mention, my dad was (and continues to be) a total fan of baseball caps. I must have gotten my love for them from his sense of style.

One reason why I love these types of caps is because they hide any bad hair day effortlessly. You don’t even have to try and fix your hair- these do the trick! I love to pair mine with day old curls or even a loose ponytail without a hair tie.

This specific hat from Hippie Alice is perfect for the pony tail without a hair tie. My hair fits effortlessly though it. Plus, this cap has elastic in the top, so it can be changed to fit your perfect size!

Another reason baseball caps are great is because they can easily mask a woman without makeup. For me, I like to wear ball caps to family outings or my nieces and nephews ball games where I don’t want to get dolled up and put ten pounds of product on my face.

The last reason I love Dad Hats is because they offer dimension to any casual and athletic outfit. For me, they seem to spice up this type of outfit.

In addition to this cactus baseball cap, Hippie Alice also has a CAUUTE Local baseball cap retailing for $30.95. You can check that out here. Also available is a wine hat, which speaks the perfect language to some of us. That one is here.



  1. Alondrea Love says:

    Great Post! You wear the Dad Hat trend so well & make it look cute, chic and stylish! 😉

    1. Cheyenne Dickerson says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the post!

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