Denim Skirts Resurface

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Who else is excited that denim skirts have resurfaced? I remember in junior high and high school all of my girlfriends had short, denim, distressed skirts usually from Hollister and I thought they always looked so cool. Fast forward to 2017 and here we are again.

I first noticed denim skirts this spring when I stepped into Sumac in Duncan. As seen in the pictures above, their denim skirt is a light wash with a distressed hemline and fits about mid thigh. This length is what I recommend for those wanting to purchase a denim skirt because it works for young girls, ladies in their 20’s and 30’s and even those venturing into the 40’s.

Aside from it clearly being stylish, you have to remember it’s denim- which means literally anything goes with it. For my shoot, I paired the gray and navy OKLA tee from Sumac that retails for only $26. If you’re not an avid sports fan like me, this top is for you! I love general tees like this because you can wear them to ANYTHING! Plus, they show off your state pride.

When I pair a top or tee with denim I typically like to tuck it in half way. To do that, tuck in the front part around the button or zipper and leave the entire back and most of the sides out to fall. This type of styling appears effortless, casual, and chic. It also allows for a belt detail to be shown off if you’re wearing one.

The bracelets and mules, also from Sumac, really topped off this outfit. I love the gray jewelry paired with the honey colored mules because together those add a little dimension. If this honey mule color isn’t for you, don’t worry! These shoes come in three different colors (khaki, camel, and beige) and all retail for $68. These would also look STUNNING with ankle cropped denim jeans, a neutral colored top, bright red lipstick, and loaded jewelry.

Now, for those wondering if they can take their old denim skirts from high school out of the backs of their closets, dust them off and wear them (cough cough my sister Christy), I would say let’s not. Although the material may be the same, the styles have definitely matured. Plus, this skirt is under $30 at Sumac so it’s a total steal.


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