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Today’s post is another collaboration with Blush Norman, and I’m talking about this adorable cutout gray dress with pops of red accessories! This look is perfect for a football game, casual date night, shopping day out, or even a day on the town.

For starters, lets talk about the sleeves on this t-shirt style dress. The tie details add so much to this otherwise basic piece, yet they aren’t too over the top. I love pieces like this because you can wear them numerous times, but they never get old. As you know, gray is one of my favorite colors to wear because of its versatility. You can pair any color of accessory, shoe, or bag with it and it works well. That’s why neutrals are my favorites. Plus, you can always add a bold lip!

Oh, and the length is perfect for me and I’m 5’9. I love dresses this length because they are a little on the shorter side which allows for you to show off some legs, but not too much.

The booties paired are also a favorite from Blush Norman. In addition to this gray number, they would look fantastic with any type of jean- especially cropped, distressed, no hem pairs. These booties would also spice up the footwear to any skirt and look utterly chic. I can already see these going with suede skirts for fall with a big sweater to accompany- so chic! The heel is wood and the color of the suede is perfect for fall and winter. It’s a mix of gray and beige, so it will literally go with anything.

The red beaded earrings retailing for less than $20 were a great match with the grays. These earrings aren’t heavy AT ALL and they are just the right size. I love tucking my hair behind them so they would be visible to others passing. If you are in need of fun, colorful earrings I suggest going to Blush Norman. Their jewelry selection is filled with SO many pieces all for affordable prices. They also have great pairs of sunnies for those who need a new pair.

As always, I want to sincerely send a big Thank You to Blush Norman for partnering with me on this post. I’m always so thrilled to work with clothing stores and brands that I truly love!


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