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Being from the south, you might have figured out I love all things sweet and savory. Not only does that include deserts such as pumpkin pie and blackberry cobbler, but also sweets in the form of dark liquids- aka sweet tea and sugar with a hint of coffee. My normal routine is two large cups of coffee early in the a.m. then an added glass of sweet tea at lunch. With all the dark, sugary drinks I’m partaking in my mid-section often takes a hit, as well as the color and brightness of my teeth.

To combat the yellow tones my teeth were nearing, I decided to partner with a teeth-whitening brand called Smile Brilliant that seeks to help customers have beautiful, pearly white, bright teeth.

To get me started on their Smile Brilliant whitening routine, I first had to make personal retainers for both upper and lower sets of teeth. Smile Brilliant made this step super easy as they enclosed a brochure on how to properly do this as if you were at a dentist’s office. After the retainers were made into molds (which took a couple of days) I was ready to whiten!

Smile Brilliant made it so easy to follow all of the steps because they detailed (with pictures) exactly how to complete each step in the whitening process. First, you are to brush teeth with ONLY water. Following that, I was instructed to dry my teeth off, which was a little bit of a challenge I might add, and add in a small amount of gel onto the trays. After my teeth were dry I popped in my retainers and set my timer.


The whitening gel and desensitizing gel both came in handheld syringes that fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I really liked using these because they didn’t make a mess and were easy to store away after I was done. The whitening gel went on first, then after you rinse and brush again the desensitizing gel follows.

Most of my whitening sessions lasted about an hour and a half, and I usually whitened while I was in a bubble bath. Can someone say spa night? A few of those times I did not use the desensitizing gel after whitening because it was late and I knew I needed to get to bed, but I didn’t face too much sensitivity. Normally though I would use the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes after each session.

I noticed that the day after whitening often became a struggle when drinking ice-cold liquids, but Smile Brilliant warns customers that some sensitivity is normal and that means that the products are actually working! I was glad to hear that what I was feeling was normal.

For the purposes of my teeth whitening experience I tried the entire process about 8 times over the span of a few weeks, and honestly I can tell a difference in my teeth appearance. Are you able to tell a difference with the pictures?

If you want to try this kit, I suggest you signing up for the teeth whitening kit GIVEAWAY! Smile Brilliant will be gifting one kit (a $139 value) to a lucky winner next Tuesday, December 12.

To enter the giveaway CLICK HERE to leave your name and email address!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the customer service representative at Smile Brilliant and was so pleased to see how accommodating, helpful, and nice she was. Customer service is always a big plus for me, so way to go, Smile Brilliant! I will continue using my whitening kit from Smile Brilliant because I love how easy the process is and the results I received, even as I continued to drink tea and coffee. If you’re looking for an at-home whitening kit I suggest looking into Smile Brilliant. You won’t be disappointed!

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This post was in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. Products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review.


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