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If you are a hair obsessed like me, you’re going to love this blog post. For this post, Tangles Salon of Wichita Falls and I have partnered together to discuss Oribe hair products and show you how use these great additions on your hair.

The four products we recommend for use on a daily basis are as follows: the Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, the Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Cream, and the Oribe Heat Styling Shield Balm– all available at Tangles Salon in Wichita Falls.

Lets begin with the shampoo and conditioner. First off, these products smell heavenly. The scents aren’t too strong, and they offer clean and refreshing smells to your hair. The shampoo is a medium to thick consistency and lathers well when worked into the hair.

If you watched my styling video, you probably know how in love I am with the conditioner. Let me explain. The conditioner is light in consistency, not oily, and expands once it is lathered into hair. With my lob, I only use a small amount of this conditioner (about a dime size) and it convers my entire head. This is also a plus because it lengthens the life span of the product and allows me to use it for months at a time.

Next let’s discuss the blowout cream. Since my hair is short, I only use a dime size amount of this product. After I apply it to my hands, I work it throughout my hair, especially focusing on my roots and top layers.

This blowout cream is especially great if you are seeking volume and lift within your hair. Since my hair is fine and falls flat, this product gives me the desired effect I want. To achieve volume, I work this product throughout my hair then blowout with my hairdryer and large round brush. I’ve learned this technique from paying close attention to Robin (my hairdresser at Tangles) when she blows my hair out at the salon. If you don’t have a round brush for this step, I definitely recommend investing in one.

Last, I add in the heat styling cream. This is a great protectant against heat tools, like a straightener or curling iron. To use, I squeeze another dime size amount onto my hands and work into my hair. In addition to providing heat protection, this cream also helps with frizz, static, and dullness.

After the products have thoroughly been worked into the hair, the next step is to blow-dry and style. Lately, I have been wearing my hair curled more often than straight. To get a big wave, I use my Hot Tools Curling Iron. I’m not 100 percent sure on the size, but I do know it is bigger than once inch. I’d say it is about an inch and a fourth or half and I’ve notice this size of iron gives the perfect waves throughout hair.

Once the hair is curled, I like to take a pick and tease the mid section to add extra volume and lift. Then, I spray all over with a styling hairspray.

As mentioned, these Oribe products along with many others are available at Tangles Salon in Wichita Falls. In addition to providing hair products at reasonable prices, Tangles also offers makeup application, haircuts and style, massages, and waxing services to clients.

Together, Tangles and I hope you test out these wonderful and high-quality hair products and pay them a visit in store. We know you won’t regret it.


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