How to Style Over the Knee Boots

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This season, I have been completely obsessed with over the knee (OTK) boots paired with short, bohemian dresses. With this post, I’m detailing how you too, can style over the knee boots.

First, invest in a sound pair of OTK boots. The Gianni Bini pair I have came from Dillard’s a couple of months ago. The Fremaux Stretch Over the Knee Boots are good for me because they fit over my knee (while many don’t because I’m so tall), have the option to tie in the back for extra support, and because of the color are exceptionally versatile. I’ve linked those here and a few other options here.

Second, choose a short, flowy dress to pair with the boots. Tip—it is very important that when choosing a dress for OTK boots (unless you are a supermodel) you choose a flowy style. Reason being, if you pair a tight dress with OTK boots it can easily look cheap, overdone and awkward. Also remember to choose a short dress as well. With this type of look, you want to show a little skin. This factor adds sexy and youthful vibes.

The dress I chose, I purchased from Antique Garden in Norman last month for $44. Linked here, it is called the Bella Dress and in addition to its amazing floral pattern, it also has bell sleeves- so on trend! Currently on their site they only have size large left, so if you are interested you might pop in store to see if they have additional inventory.

Finally, I recommend pairing cohesive pieces of jewelry with this outfit. Since my dress is loud with color and pattern, I chose a lilac pendant necklace with gold detail. Although this necklace is simple, it adds a little extra to the outfit as a whole.

In addition to my necklace, I paired my black Tory Burch logo cuff with the outfit. This has been one of my favorite jewelry pieces since early college and I still wear it often. I like how the black cuff ties in with the suede OTK boots and offers structure to my arm.

Overall, when styling OTK boots there are many different ways you can pair them to look stylish. As noted, you can choose a short, flowy dress or even wear them with tight jeans underneath and a sweater. Don’t limit yourself with this style of boots- wear them with what makes you happy and remember to balance the outfit out with tight and flowy pieces.


  1. Carly says:

    I wore almost this exact same outfit last night. It was inspired by this post! 🙂

    1. Cheyenne Dickerson says:

      I’m so glad!!

  2. Alondrea Love says:

    Great post and styling tips! I’m really going to get this dress for myself because the print and color are fantastic and versatile for Spring! Thanks for sharing!

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