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Dermaplane Procedure

Last week I experienced my first ever HydraFacial and Dermaplane procedures! Both procedures are designed to tighten, clean, and brighten the skin on your face and along your neck; and let me tell you, they did just that.

My esthetician, Heather, began the procedure with evaluating my skin. She asked me about my problem areas, concerns for my skin, and what my long-term goals are. I told her I was concerned about enlarged pores around my cheeks and nose, peach fuzz (especially along my lip area), oily skin, and that I wanted a brighter appearance overall.

After we talked for a while about my skin, she decided the best treatment was to start with a HydraFacial and end with a Dermaplane procedure.

The HydraFacial has many steps that ensure success to brighten, tone, and clear pores. She began the procedure by cleaning and exfoliating to rid of any left over makeup or oils on my skin. To do this, she used a sensitive cleanser where she performed a dabbing motion on my skin.

Next was the acid peel. Since I have sensitive skin, we decided it would be best to start with a low amount of acid to see how and if my skin reacted. With the level at 7.5 percent, Heather applied a gel to my nose and worked her way over my entire face. For those of you wondering if she has more extensive acid peels, she does. The next level is 15 percent then 30 percent. Also to note is that I did not physically peel from this acid procedure.

Following the peel was the Vortex extraction. This might have been my favorite step she performed during the procedure. To do this she used a small tool with a vacuum on the end that extracted all bacteria from my congested areas. The areas she hit were my forehead, nose, and chin. It felt awesome!

To target my fine lines and wrinkles, she then used a DermaBuilder tool with a vacuum on the end, similar to the Vortex extraction tool. This step minimalized fine lines and targeted areas around the eyes, lips, nasal folds, and forehead. If you’re like me and have fine lines around your cheeks (aka “smile lines”) then this procedure is for you! It reduced the lines significantly.

Then was the Vortex Fusion step, which was applied to the skin in a very slow, soothing manner. The idea is to “bathe the skin,” in product. This step felt AMAZING.

The red and blue light therapies came next. The red light targeted redness and irritation in the skin, helped to reduce signs of aging, and advanced facial circulation. For each light, she held it on a quadrant of my skin for a few seconds then moved around the entirety of my face. The blue light was used to assist with oily skin by improving the appearance of clogged pores and unnecessary oils.

Once the HydraFacial was over, Heather used a small tool to Dermaplane the peach fuzz on my face. Dermaplane is a fancy word for shaving. I didn’t realize the amount of peach fuzz a 25 year old can. After Heather showed me what came off my face, I about died! There was literally so much fuzz. It was beyond gross, but definitely helped my skin. Seriously guys, my skin probably hasn’t been this smooth since childhood- and I even use a Clarisonic every night. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Overall, both procedures took a little over an hour and both were pure bliss. I felt relaxed, calm, and excited for my new skin. I have already booked my next Hydrafacial and Dermaplane for next month. I’m hooked.

Heather Casebolt at PD MediSpa, Allure Salon in Wichita Falls performed both procedures and did a wonderful job. Thank you, Heather!! If you haven’t been to her, I highly recommend her to you. Her contact information is provided.


Allure Salon PD MediSpa

2708 Southwest Pkway Suite 120

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Heather’s Facebook

Instagram: heathercasebolt124

Allure’s Facebook



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