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How many of you have a daily skin care routine you do before bed? Being a skincare and makeup junkie, I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have routines in both areas. For me, makeup is my first love, but what lies underneath is equally important. For this post, I’m talking about one of my favorite nighttime routine skincare products geared towards the eyes. How many of you have heard of Rodan + Fields Lash Boost? Well, read on to see how my experience with it went.

I began using Lash Boost a couple of months ago after a few fellow teachers recommended it to me. After hearing numerous positive reviews on the lash-lengthening product, I decided to try it and see if it really was worth all the hype.

Turns out it was.

After using it for a few months I really felt it grew my lashes and helped to keep them healthy. The clear gel like formula went onto my lashes easy and didn’t irritate my eyes or cause sensitivity. In addition, it was extremely easy to apply and remove after wearing it all night. This product can also be used for women AND men! Additionally it is travel friendly and easily accessible when needing/wanting a new tube.

As you can see, Lash Boost had numerous strong points from my experience. Aside from the positives, I felt it did dry out my eyes when I used it. However, I cannot exclusively say it was the Lash Boost because I wear contacts; therefor, my eyes are naturally dry in the evening. Though after waking up and sleeping with the product, I just felt as if my eyes were a little more dry than normal.

The added bonus about this product is you can purchase it anytime, and in the meantime, help out a friend! What I mean is if you don’t know what Rodan + Fields is, it is a skincare line that is sold by normal people- just like you and me. My friends, Ashley and Heidi, whom I work with, are sellers of this line and can accept shopping requests 24/7. When a purchase is made through them they make a commission.

To shop with Ashley click here.

To shop with Heidi click here.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful product to have in your possession and when used correctly it works. Have you tried this or other R+F products before? If so, what were your thoughts? I’ve been thinking of trying out a skincare regime, but I haven’t fully decided yet. Thoughts on that? Happy Sunday, friends!


This post was created in collaboration with Rodan + Fields sellers. Product was given in exchange for a review.




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