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chey-0029A few weeks ago while I was scrolling through my social media pages I noticed the cutest rustic tee from The Rhinestone Cowgirl located in Taylor, Texas. The tee, pictured above, has a simple off-white cow head skull with a few bohemian and rustic details hanging from the horns- something not usually my style. Someone like my sister Christy would normally gravitate towards this top, but she and I have much different styles. Me personally, I fall into the clothing categories under Gap and J.Crew- very neutrally colored and classic. However, this tee stuck out to me because of the uniqueness of the design and color while it also reflected my home environment in small town Oklahoma.

When I wore this tee, I wanted to dress it up a little and enhance the burnt orange color and for the graphic design to be the focus of the outfit. In doing that, I paired my distressed, boyfriend blue jeans with it (one of my favorite pairs that I’ve owned for years) and added my most comfortable nude heels- the Sam Edelman Yardley Lace-Up Sandals in Golden Caramel. On the subject of these heels and Sam Edelman, I cannot tell you enough how wonderfully made his shoes are- heels included. These heels I can wear day and night and my feet feel happy. I highly, highly recommend his footwear for comfort and style.

To accessorize, I paired my custom Oklahoma metal and leather bracelet my mom gave me for Christmas and a couple other beaded wristlets, one with fringe, which was an added element of style. For earrings, I thought this outfit was perfect for my deep brown tassel earrings I purchased this summer. Keep in mind- fringe is in!

Simply put, this outfit is a highly casual piece, but I enjoy the added glam of the heels and red lipstick. Remember, even if you gravitate towards wearing t-shirts consistently, there are many cute and comfortable ways to intensify your outfit. Don’t fall into a rut! Have fun when dressing, and wear the heels!


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