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Happy Friday, friends!

I am SO excited to be doing this blog post featuring one of my favorite stores. I have grown up shopping at Gap with my mom and sister Tara, and it never fails to be my crutch store. For this post, I’ve come up with three reasons why Gap is a store I choose to shop at and why I recommend it to you too.

Reason #1– They offer high-quality clothing items at a fraction of the price. Their clothing items are almost always under $100 and they CONSTANTLY have a discount code online and in store. I am always receiving 40% off discount codes in my email on a weekly basis, which is great because you never have to pay full price. If you are not currently a subscriber to their email list, I suggest you become one soon so you don’t miss out on these great deals!

Reason #2– Gap has wonderful classic clothing pieces available. I ALWAYS go here to find perfect white and black tees (which I get in Talls because that style fits longer in the torso), basic denim jeans, neutral sweaters, etc. Gap doesn’t usually offer many pieces with patterns, so it’s easy to find classic, long-lasting pieces you can wear forever. Plus, when you have a top with a bright and colorful pattern, it often limits the amount of times you can wear it.

Reason #3– The store as a whole is extremely accommodating with great customer service. Every time I have returned or exchanged something (which is rare), they welcome items back (with or with-out a receipt) with open arms. Never with Gap have I had a bad experience when dealing with their employees, and for that I am truly appreciative and thankful.

As I’m sure you can tell, Gap is my store. I am a true supporter of it’s clothing and love the new 90’s campaign it recently launched. If you haven’t shopped here in a while, I recommend shopping their styles- you won’t be disappointed.


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