Staying Cozy in Sherpa

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Happy Wednesday, all! I wanted to dedicate a post to this amazingly cozy and warm sherpa pullover from True Grit.

I purchased this brown frosty tipped pullover from back in December and am so pleased with my decision. I put quite a lot of thought into it prior to ordering it. Let me be honest with you. Up until then, I had never paid so much for a pullover or piece of cozy, casual clothing; however, retailing at over $100, I will vouch for the company and say it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.

This pullover is long enough to wear with leggings (my favorite way), or looks great with denim jeans. As you saw pictured above, I paired it with my light denim H&M jeans and rolled up the bottoms a bit for an added flair. My Nike Thea sneakers topped off the look.

For the pullover, I ordered a size XL because I wanted it to be extra large. I ordered the brown because it literally goes with EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. It looks great with any color and doesn’t get dirty easily.

This winter, I have worn this sherpa way too much honestly- but I LOVE it! It keeps me warm, is stylish and is extremely versatile. If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or for a gift, I highly highly recommend. This would also be a wonderful gift for those graduating seniors! They will get enough towels 🙂


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