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These Nike high top shoes I have a love/hate relationship with. I’ve owned them for about three years now and when I first purchased them I thought of all the ways I could wear these with outfits. Well, now that I own them I’ve learned it’s much easier said than done. These are a great, cool pair of Nike shoes to have but at times hard to pair with the right outfit- this outfit though, was somewhat easy. Thank you Hippie Alice!

Hippie Alice provided the blue flannel inspired covering and let me tell you, it is wonderful. First of all, the blue color is rich and goes perfectly with blue jeans. This could easily be an everyday casual piece in your closet. The fringe on it allows for a uniqueness with the piece to where it could easily be dressed for a rodeo or outdoor event, or paired with sneakers it is a great shopping top. I also like how long this covering is, as it only shows a glimpse of the shirt underneath.

The jeans and t-shirt are pretty self explanatory and simple. Denim, boyfriend, distressed jeans- what more did you expect? I’m a jean girl and I love some rips and baggage. The white snug top is from Gap and it’s one of their staple neutral pieces. I have this top in both black and white (from the tall section) and I love them. They wash well, are thick and very high-quality. Oh, and they are long enough for my torso- plus!

As the jeans hit right at my ankle, I thought it was needed for them to be sloppily rolled up once. Now ladies, when you roll up your jeans, please don’t roll them up prim and proper. The style nowadays is for jeans (if they are rolled up) to look effortless, even if the act of rolling wasn’t. I literally spent 5 seconds on each roll. Don’t overthink this step.


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