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Everything about this outfit makes me feel some type of mod, cool girl vibe, and I love it. The denim ripped bottom, a piece straight from Karma Fashion Co.’s, closet, is every girls dream in a pair of grunge inspired jeans- comfortable, somewhat stretchy, mid rise and a medium wash with lots of abundant holes and rips.

The denim really is the major detail of this outfit. It pairs perfectly with the gray loose fitting cutout sweater and black buckle ankle booties, also both from Karma. It seems to go with numerous colors; however, I think it pairs best with white or gray colors because not only is the yarn color light but the denim fringe hanging from the rips is as well.

This gray sweater I dearly love. The cutout cross on the neck is very on trend and it adds a bit of sexiness to the outfit. I felt like earrings wouldn’t do the outfit justice, so I paired my trusty black chokers with it. Both of these I got while I was in New Orleans at for a bachelorette party and I haven’t been able to put them down since. They literally amp up any outfit the right way.

As you’ve seen in a previous post, I am a true supporter of these black ankle booties, and for good reason. They are comfortable (even with the heel) and have a major versatility factor. Plus, they are also affordable so that doesn’t hurt either. I also like the small gap open above my ankle, which the jeans and booties provide.

This type of outfit I would wear anywhere where casual attire is accepted. This is my go to style. I love it all, and I hope you do too!


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