The Classic Button Down

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First of all, can we all just look at how beautiful the pasture background is in the above pictures? The camera simply doesn’t do our grassy Oklahoma lands justice. Now, onto the main event- the outfit!

Let’s be honest- this outfit you’ve probably seen before a time or two, and I’m okay with that. This is a classic outfit to have in your closet, as it never goes out of style. I wear this outfit (and I’m 24), my mom in her 60s wears this outfit and when my Nannie was alive up until two years ago, she too, wore this outfit. I’m telling you- anyone could and should wear these pieces.

For this outfit, you have two main pieces- the classic button down and the denim jeans.

Currently, I’ve been really into frayed, no hem jeans, like these Gap ones I picked up a few months ago. I think jeans in this manner immediately add a cool factor to any outfit-regardless of how classic or trendy it might be. Usually, I like to have my ankles showing too, for some reason and these jeans do just that. They offer just enough skin to where I don’t appear too up-tight and modest. Also, these are mid-rise and can be worn with shorter tops, so they are extremely versatile.

The button down was a steal from Forever 21. It’s not the best quality, but it works for the time being. What I would suggest though is to purchase high-quality, classic and neutral colored pieces, like this button down and these jeans. Once again, they never will go out of style and are a must have in your closet. Both are simple, basic pieces and flow smoothly with any type of outfit choice.

Even though the pictured button down is super affordable, I enjoy wearing it because I love the length and where it hits me on my legs. I feel that long tops elongate the body, tricking the mind into thinking the body is slimmer than its reality, and I’m 100% okay with that.

Since I always wear basics, I wanted to spice up this outfit a little and add some sass. To do this, I added my long black trench coat purchased also at Forever 21 and my Nine West leopard heels that I purchased a few seasons ago. Nine West is another great shoe brand to gravitate towards. I’ve always have great luck with their shoes being comfortable and affordable.

Paired on my wrists are my trusty black leather Daniel Wellington watch, Coach logo bracelet and gold bangles.


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