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With the start of summer always come numerous baby and wedding showers, weddings, graduations, and barbeques. Since those days have already begun in Oklahoma, this post is only appropriate if tailored on how to dress for those special summer outings.

When attending showers or outdoor events in spring and summer, you want to look stylish, yet comfortable at the same time. I don’t know about where you live, but in Oklahoma it gets uncomfortably hot during these months, so comfort (and airy fabric) is always key.

This Diane Wraps Me in Floral Dress from Antique Garden happens to be one of my favorite light and airy dresses for this year. It can either be worn as a dress, with a tie in the front, or a long, sexy kimono. Both look great, it just depends on the look you want to achieve.

In addition to the Diane Wraps Me, Antique Garden has a PERFECT Garden Collection shop for your shower and outdoor event needs. Most of the dresses and tops in the Garden Collection have floral patterns with bright and jewel toned colors and pair great by themselves or added with a chic pair of white jeans or dark denim.

If you are seeking a little more detail to your outfit, I suggest pairing a stylish shoe. The Effie Block Heel by Free People as seen in the above pictures is a great heel to have. It is a neutral color (with a light pink undertone), fits snug around your ankle, and has a block heel that is supportive and easy to walk in.

For those wanting a sandal, Free People also makes great summer options! My favorites are the Torrence Flat Sandal and Willow Sandal.

Of course, mules and clogs are in again, so there are a few of those options available as well.

To top it off, I always like to add an armful of bangles or a few long necklaces. Tassel earrings are in this year in a BIG way, and Antique Garden has a ton of those in store.

Plus, if you need a gift for any of these outings, I highly suggest shopping here! They offer the cutest home décor items and unique, one of a kind gifts. Also offered are gifts exclusive to Oklahoma, which makes for a great organic piece.

For those planning to shop at this cute and local Oklahoma store, don’t forget to use your special discount code from The Gray Report! Enter “grayreport20” for 20 percent off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!


Garden Party Collection Favorites

Livvy Striped Cold Shoulder Dress $39

Ring A Roses Bell Sleeve Dress $44

Tiki Dress $44

Home Decor Favorites

Stonewear Measuring Cup Set $21

Hanging Wood Slice 16″ $18

Bone Coasters $21

Oklahoma Pillow Collection $45 


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