The Importance of a Logo Tee

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Today we are talking about the importance of owning a graphic tee. In the realm of graphic tees, I more so gravitate towards clean logo tees when I am shopping. Here, I’m detailing reasons why a logo tee is a MUST have in your closet.

Logo tees are classic, clean, and timeless. When I think of a logo tee I automatically think of GAP. Even though they have been in business for years, they continue to produce clean and classic logo tees that look great for day or night. If you look at my logo tee pictured above, it offers a similar vibe to GAP’s. The color is clean, the logo is classic, and the casualty of the tee is versatile enough to be paired with anything.

Logo tees are great options to have in your closet because they are flexible. My favorite way to wear my logo tee from Perf Shirts is to pair it with rugged and distressed denim cut-offs and add clean sneakers, either gray or white. This model off duty street style is not only effortless, but comfortable too.

I also like to pair my logo tee with black cropped, relaxed fit slacks with loafers or oxfords. By dressing it up, it allows me to feel polished and put together, but still timeless, chic, and comfortable.

For my logo tee, I chose a V-neck; however, Perf Shirts have a regular tee as well. I think for ladies a V-neck adds a girlie vibe and allows you to really play with chokers and tight necklace accessories. As you can see, I love my black velvet chokers, so anytime I can accessorize with those I do.

Overall, a logo tee is great to have because it advertises a logo! For example, when I wear mine I often get questions about “What is The Gray Report” and it gives me a perfect opening to tell others about my blog. This is a great marketing tool for other bloggers like myself because it gives us a reason to talk about our blogs, but also showcase our style.


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