Timeless Neutrals and Basics

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If you are from Instagram, you probably saw my most recent photo highlighting my love for neutrals and basics. Well, if you saw that and were intrigued, this post is for you.

First, lets start off by talking about neutrals, because neutrals and basics are two totally different things. A neutral is exactly what it says- a color that is ordinary, common, and typically dull in color. Now when you read those three adjectives you probably think “I don’t want to wear a neutral if it has those characteristics,” but trust me, you do.

Neutrals provide a wonderful base for any outfit. They allow you to dress them up or down according to your day. My neutrals include brown, tan, gray, black, navy tops and blouses, shorts, shoes (heels especially), and dresses. You can put on a neutral or two, add a pop of color in jewelry or lipstick, some killer detail like a clutch or long necklace and boom- instant style.

Now, if neutrals are too plain for you, basics are a MUST HAVE. I’m telling you, basics in your closet are necessary. When I say basics I mean denim jeans and shorts, white (clean) sneakers, white and black snug fit tops (short and long sleeve), a black pencil skirt, a white button down blouse, black stilettos, a black handbag or clutch, and the list goes on forever.

Basics are items you constantly repeat in your wardrobe; I’m talking spring, summer, fall, and winter. These need to be good-quality items that probably cost a little more than what you wanted to pay, but will last a lifetime.

For example, I paired basics and neutrals for this post. The entire outfit (jewelry included) came from Sumac Trading Co. in Duncan, and they have the cutest store if you’re wondering. The black neutral top retails for $29 and is a longer style peplum. It’s great for those of you who have longer torsos. The basic distressed jeans with no hem (SO IN) are $46 and a total steal! They sit mid-rise, have two rips along the knees, and are a great wash color. The neutral gray booties are $42 and besides being adorable they are comfortable to walk in with a slight heel, and the silver Kendra Scott Aimee Cuff is $100.

The neutral top, neutral shoes, basic jeans, and neutral calf hair Belmont Cabin Bag all go together and aren’t loud and bright, but are stylish and chic when paired together. This is the type of outfit I like- a soft, comfortable, and chic outfit that I can wear over and over and no one ever notices. That’s another reason why neutrals and basics are so great! You can wear them repeatedly and not a soul will realize what you’re doing.

If you’re in the mood to check out Sumac and their store filled with neutrals, basics, and pops of color I have left their address and social media handles for you to follow. When you visit, let them know The Gray Report sent you! Remember, if you don’t have anything else in your closet, make sure you have a few of these key pieces to build upon. I promise it will make styling so much easier.


715 West Main Street

Duncan, OK 73533

(580) 252-1899




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